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Story Telling Chair

The Spring Festival saw the unveiling of the Storytelling Chair in the Woodland Area and what an amazing piece it is! The funds that have been raised by our events over the last year: the Summer Fayre, Christmas Fayre and various discos, all contributed to purchasing the Storytelling Chair and also the outdoor gazebos that we purchased last summer.


The situe of the chair itself marks Team FOBS commitment to help develop the Woodland Area so that it can be widely used and enjoyed by the whole school. Earlier this year and following discussions with the school, Team FOBS began to explore different ways that the Woodland Area could be used to engage the children more with their learning.  The Woodland Area has the capacity to be used as a place of reflection, adventure, mindfulness, nature, science, fun and fulfilment.  The area also provides an alternative space for learning other than the regular classroom - the children can be outside in the fresh air, working together, listening and engaging in their education without even realising!


Team FOBS commitment is to develop the area in many different ways and we always welcome new volunteers and suggestions. We have begun weeding the Woodland Area a little, not subtracting the natural essence of its place; clearing pathways, adding plants, decorations and seating alike.  There is plenty of room available for children to explore and also be comfortable and safe learning in the area.  As well as the addition of the Storytelling Chair, Team FOBS have also purchased two giant picnic blankets to be used placed within the seating area or to be used for other occasions. 


A Team FOBS family member has handmade a couple of hedgehog boxes and different types of bird boxes that are already in place. They have also hand-made lots of pencil and crayon pots that are sturdy enough to be used outside and not blow over.  All of this in mind to create an easy, hassle free learning space. By joining together the impact that we can make is immense!


Team FOBS’ vision of the Woodland Area is to develop it further so that it becomes an exceptional, alternative learning space that a child will remember.


If you are interested in helping us in any way, please do contact us; even if it is for an hour at a time to help us maintain the Woodland Area. Any time at all would be gratefully appreciated and it really does make a difference.


Thank you.