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Reindeer 2023 - 2024

A Fabulous Term 5!

We have had a wonderful few weeks in Reception exploring our new topic ‘Come Outside!’ We have planted our own sunflowers and wildflowers, are enjoying taking care of our indoor plants, watering our strawberry plants and exploring a range of different herbs in our dough kitchen too! During our Footprint Friday adventures we have been eager to identify new plants, flowers and weeds such as daisies, dandelions, bluebells and hyacinths… we have also loved laying in the grass to watch the blossom fall from the trees above! We have celebrated the artist Vincent Van Gogh and became artists ourselves as we painted beautiful sunflowers just like him – they are the most happy pictures that just make you want to smile! We have so many talented artists in Reception! 😊


We have also loved learning about lots of different minibeasts; we have enjoyed borrowing books from our school library to discover interesting facts about them and of course we`ve LOVED searching for our favourite creepy crawlies in our Woodland Area! We are fascinated by our minibeast friends; we love taking care of them, watching them move and creating cosy little homes for them in the great outdoors! We have particularly enjoyed learning about the importance of bumblebees… we have perfected our waggle dance, created our own class book of beautiful drawings and facts, and even tasted different types of honey! What a busy term we have had!”

World Book Day

We had a wonderfully busy day celebrating our love for books! We enjoyed a game of book bingo, created a ‘cosy carpet’ to share our favourite stories, bopped along to MC Grammar’s World Book Day songs and loved guessing the teacher behind each story during our ‘Masked Reader’ assembly! We were then lucky enough to be joined by the Year 6 children in the afternoon, who sat and read our favourite books with us too! Everyone looked brilliant and we enjoyed sharing as many of their favourite stories as we could throughout the day!

Spring Term

Our topic this term has been ‘Once Upon a Time’ where we have been exploring lots of traditional fairytales. We have used a range of materials to build strong houses for the 3 Little Pigs, enjoyed experimenting what would happen if the gingerbread man fell in the river, dressed up as fairytale characters to re-enact the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, designed WANTED posters to warn others of the Big Bad Wolf and designed many traps outdoors to try and catch him! So much fairytale fun and so many imaginative ideas! Well done Reindeer Class!

Attendance Winners Of The Term!

I'm very proud to say that we were the Attendance winners for the Autumn Term - the best class in the whole school! We were so excited to learn that we had won a Pizza party! What a fabulous start to the children's time at Belmont. 

Our First Christmas!

What a busy term we have had in Reception in the run up to Christmas! We have enjoyed lots and lots of festive fun … decorating our Christmas tree together, sharing a new Christmas story each day from our book advent, making our lovely reindeer decorations and hot chocolate for the Christmas fayre, writing Christmas cards, letters to Santa and of course lots of singing on the stage for our first Christmas Nativity! We have enjoyed wrapping up warm for some very frosty Footprint Friday adventures where we have loved spotting signs of winter in the woodland! We especially enjoyed working together to build little shelters that would keep our woodland animal friends warm and dry!


We have also been excited by the visits from our cheeky little elf who leaves `Chocolate WOW coins` each morning for children he has spotted doing something amazing the day before - we will definitely miss Elfie when he returns to the North Pole! What a wonderful end to the year! ✨

Children In Need Day

Everyone looked fab for Children in Need Day, raising lots of money for the charity. Well done Reindeer Class!

Autumn Day

We had a fabulous Autumn Day in Reception! We dressed in Autumunal colours and spent the whole day outdoors! We enjoyed squelching in the mud, mixing nature potions, building dens, searching for mini-beasts and each made our own leaf kebab to take home in a rainbow of Autumn colours! Whilst outdoors, we enjoyed looking closely at nature and were fascinated by the different things we found … from a bird’s nest in the tree to mushrooms growing in the grass! Before we headed in, we made sure to leave out some hedgehog food for our special midnight visitor too …!

A Brilliant Start To The Year!

Our youngest learners in Reception have had the most fabulous first few weeks at Belmont! We have loved exploring both indoor and outdoor environments with our new friends and making lots of lovely memories. We have enjoyed having tea parties in our home corner, building imaginative vehicles in the construction zone, searching for treasure in our indoor sand pit and baking cakes in the `dough kitchen`. As a class, we have also enjoyed lots of stories, dancing, dough disco and creating some large-scale artwork for `International Dot Day!` We have also loved beginning our new imaginative `Drawing Club` and heading outdoors in our wellies for our first `Footprint Friday` of the year! So much excitement already… and so many adventures still to come!