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Art Gallery

Welcome to our Art Gallery! Click on an image for a magnified view.


We are very proud to have an Art Club in school! Their work is regularly shared on the

Belmont Art Club Twitter page (@Belmont_ArtClub). Please click HERE to go directly to it.

Clay Tiles - Impala Class

The children worked with clay to create a tile inspired by the sculptor Mark Reed.

Autumn - Reindeer Class

Inspired by the work of artist Andy Goldsworthy, our children in Reindeer Class created their own Autumn-themed transient art. By using fabulous combinations of natural objects they have produced some wonderful pieces.

Pupil Parliament Autumn & Halloween Themed Art Competition

There were some fabulous entries for the very first Pupil Parliament Autumn & Halloween themed Art Competition. The winners were a super collage of a pumpkin for KS1 and a linocut of a wolf howling at the moon for KS2.

Message In A Bottle Top - Belmont Art Club

Six thousand bottle tops were used in this fabulous art work submitted for the Message In A Bottle Top competition - repurposing plastic waste into something beautiful. The poem, 'The Earth Is Crying Plastic', was written by our pupils about the damaging the effects of plastic on the environment and animals we love.

Giuseppe Arcimboldo - Impala Class

Some fabulous creations in the style of Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo, best known for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of objects such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish and books. 

Halloween & Bonfire Night - Belmont Art Club

The children used paint blending and fading techniques as well as black paper to create some fantastic Halloween pictures. The bonfire night pictures are pastels and show fireworks reflecting in the river.

Still Life - Taruca Class

The class studied the artist Georgio Morandi, Itay’s most famous 20th Century still life painter. The children have produced some wonderful still life drawings of their own.

Minibeasts - Reindeer Class

As part of their topic on Minibeasts, the class made sculptures from paper, lolly pop sticks, pipe cleaners and paint.

The Eye Of A Dragon - Elk Class

The class made dragon eyes using clay to accompany their report writing on dragons.

Day Of The Dead Festival - Sambar Class

Skull drawings in the style of the neo-expressionist street artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Tin Foil Sculpture - Barasingha Class

During RE week the class learnt about how thoughts and beliefs are expressed through art. They looked at the work of Charlie Mackesy to inspire their own sculpture made out of foil.

Family Portraits - Elk Class

Inspired by illustrator and author, Quentin Blake, the children painted some fabulous family portraits.

Space Art

Inspired by the work of artist, Peter Thorpe, our Key Worker children produced some wonderful pictures associated with space and rockets.

Transient Art

Inspired by the work of transient artists such as Andy Goldsworthy, our Key Worker children headed outside to create their own Spring-themed transient art. By using fabulous combinations of natural objects, such as flowers, twigs, bark, leaves and soil, they have produced some wonderful pieces.

Reindeer - Reindeer Class

The children decided upon their colours and blended them. They then used a finger to paint the body of the reindeer before adding more detail.

Penguins - Reindeer Class

The children made and used their own blocks to print their penguin designs.

The Great Fire Of London - Fallow Class

As part of their learning on the Great Fire of London, the children blended watercolours for the background and created silhouettes of London buildings using black sugar paper.

Fire Pictures - Elk Class

The children studied the artist Vincent Van Gogh and painted their fire pictures in his style. The painting on the left by Hetty, won FIRST PRIZE in her age category at the Willoughby Open Art Competition. What a wonderful achievement!

The Blitz - Impala Class
As part of their learning on the Blitz, the children blended watercolours for the background and created intricate silhouettes of London buildings using black sugar paper. 

Leaf Paintings - Impala Class

Such wonderful attention to detail.

Printmaking - Barasingha Class

The children first created a design in the style of printmaker, Angie Lewin and then cut and stuck it onto a collagraph plate, which was then varnished. When completely dry, the children had great fun painting the plate which was pressed onto paper to reveal a print. The end results were fantastic!

Crocus - Barasingha Class

Given a photograph of a crocus, the children focussed on the shapes they could see, how to hold their pencil to sketch and how to blend oil pastels. The results were stunning, as you can see.

'Bad Egg' - Barasingha Class

The children used charcoal and chalk to draw a character from the animation, 'Bad Egg'. They have really captured the personality of their subject!

Teasels, The Lost Words - Sambar Class

"The Lost Words" written by Robert Macfarlane and illustrated by Jackie Morris was the stimulus for both writing and art. The children explored powerful language choices and the effect made on the reader. They gathered words and phrases about teasels, to create their own poems in the style of Robert Macfarlane’s. They then used a range of mixed media techniques to illustrate their work. After sharing on Twitter they received some amazing feedback!

Grantham Buildings - Sambar Class

The children have drawn buildings from around Grantham inspired by the work of artist Tom Wriglesworth. They explored the ways Tom used line and colour and then created their own. Not only was everyone at Belmont impressed - Tom saw some of the artwork on Twitter and gave it some fantastic feedback: "Wow, these are stunning! Thank you for sharing them with me! I have some serious competition; well done year 5."

Mythical Beasts - Taruca Class

Inspired by all the Greek myths and legends the class had read in class, they created some gruesome mythical beasts out of clay. They used a “soft-slab” construction technique which uses slabs of clay that have been freshly rolled out and are still damp. These soft slabs can be formed into lovely, flowing structures that are often reminiscent of leather. They draped the clay over hump moulds to create repeatable forms, which allowed them to concentrate more on finishing the form with surface textures and decorations.