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Sambar - Year 5

“A child is not a vase to be filled, but a fire to be lit!”


Welcome to Year 5 - Sambar


Hello and welcome to the Sambar Class page. I'm really looking forward to meeting my new class in September! Below, you can find photos of some of the exciting things we did last year.


Mr G

July 2020


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Visit To Peterborough

The children in Sambar and Taruca spent a wonderful day in Peterborough recently as part of our RE learning. During the morning we visited the Faizan E Madina Mosque and spent time with the Imam who showed us round and talked to us about the beautiful building and the life of a Muslim. 


The afternoon was spent at the Cathedral where we took part in a workshop about faith. Through this we were able to have a tour of the Cathedral, highlighting key aspects and features of Christianity. 


Since our return to school the children have spent time comparing the two religions and finding similarities and differences between them.


You can find more photos from our visit in the Photo Gallery.

The Vikings!

Through our theme 'Frozen North', we have had a great time learning all about the Vikings. The children enjoyed plotting the routes and countries Vikings travelled to on maps to gain a good understanding of their influence across the Northern Hemisphere. They undertook research, using the books from our updated reference library, and created some wonderful fact files about Viking Longboats and their exploration into Iceland, Greenland and Vinland. All their research then accumulated into a brilliant piece of historical writing, where they used their knowledge about the time period. We have also been extremely lucky to have a visit from PartakeHistory and enjoyed our Viking day with them. The children were able to have a go at a range of Viking crafts, create a model Viking settlement and act out a Viking raid in costume, a wonderful learning experience for them.


More photos can be found in the Photo Gallery.


We couldn't put down our latest class book, 'Malamandar', by Thomas Taylor. We finished it in only ten days and we thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of this incredible story about the marvelous world of Eerie on Sea. We tweeted some of our drawings and even impressed the author himself!


The children have created wonderful moving toys during our design and technology learning journey. They have learnt about cogs and followers and used their understanding to design and create their final piece.  To help them evaluate their work, they took a visit to Fallow Class to see what they thought of their toys.  You can see a super example of the process below.

Fabulous Poetry

The children have produced some fabulous poetry this term. They have been inspired by the imagery and language from the poem 'The Sea' and our class book, 'Malamander' to write their own poems. You can hear a super example by Demi below.


The Emporium’s Twelve Days Of Christmas!

On the last afternoon of the Autumn Term, the whole school gathers together in the hall to sing Christmas songs. This year in the Emporium, we tried something a little different and wrote our own words to the Twelve Days of Christmas! We all had a great time!


Below you can find photos of our very busy Christmas celebrations!


Still image for this video

Southwell Workhouse

One of the best days! Our visit to the workhouse never fails to inspire and ignite a passion for history! Following in the footsteps of an actual pauper present in the workhouse in 1842, boys and girls were separated and dressed up as they would have been in that year.  They were then led to meet the forbidding workhouse Master and his wife. After being guided around the building by the adult paupers who told them their duties and expectations,  the children entered the school room to be taught the alphabet by the stern school teacher!


It was an incredible experience that enabled the children to fully appreciate the harsh reality of workhouse life.


You can find more photos in the Photo Gallery.

Holi Celebration

As part of our RE week, all Key Stage 2 children at Belmont Community Primary School recreated a Holi celebration.  As part of this learning journey pupils have been studying Hinduism and towards the end of the week had a focus on the Holi festival.  The children carefully considered how the Holi Celebration makes use of colour and fire to celebrate changes in the seasons.  The children also considered how Holi represented the triumph of good over bad.


During the Holi festival, which next year will be celebrated in March, Hindus use coloured powder to throw at each other to signify the beginning of spring and to say goodbye to the darkness of winter.  This wonderful celebration was part of developing the children’s wider understanding of living in unity with ourselves and others and gave them a great insight into other people’s lives.


You can find more photos in the Photo Gallery.


Aaron Becker’s breath-taking illustrations in the wordless book ‘Journey’ have proved a powerful tool in developing descriptive detail in our writing. We have used drama to immerse ourselves in role as the main character. By adding thoughts, feelings and questions we have shown how our writing can come to life.

Washed Ashore

We have applied all of our English skills this week. By using book talk, writer talk, magpied treasure and creativity, the children have written some wonderful descriptions inspired by a shell. Listen to a super example below.


Great Science!

We have been exploring the states of matter through drama! I'm 'ard I am, I'm a solid! I'm a liquid, I can flooooow! I'm a gas....I'm random! Great fun, great engagement, great learning!


It was a first for Belmont as we were the first class to take part in Boxercise with Jack from Inspire+! We were so excited and after listening very carefully to the rules, you can see what a great time we had!

2018 - 2019

Farewell Tarucas!

Well it’s time to say goodbye to our terrific Tarucas!  Over the last 2 years we have been on an amazing journey; each day has shaped us as an unbelievable team but now you have come to the end of this chapter and are ready to begin your next in your new schools. Thank you for all those amazing moments and happy times we have shared. Your leavers’ production was outstanding! I will remember it forever! Don’t forget you are welcome to pop in and say “hello” at any time - the “Emporium” doors are always open for you!

Good luck in all you do in the future!  Mr.G

Pirates of the Curry Bean!

The class amazed everyone in school and their parents in their leavers’ performance “Pirates of the Curry Bean” during the last week of term. All of the children have worked incredibly hard over just 12 days to not only learn their lines and their roles, but also paint scenery and construct the set! It has been testament to their team spirit, hard work and dedication to produce such a great performance in such a short space of time!7


Congratulations everyone! This fantastic show was the perfect end to a perfect year!

Egyptian Day

Our Egyptian day with Partake launched our new series of learning journeys based on Ancient Egypt. During the morning, all of the children explored different artefacts, smells and often gory process of mummification and in the afternoon re-enacted an Egyptian Burial service. Everyone is now keen to begin exploring the legacy of Tutankhamun in further detail.

Celebrating With Fish And Chips!

What a busy term we have had in Taruca, time has really flown by! We have all worked incredibly hard in the lead up to and throughout SATs week and really enjoyed our fish and chips lunch and Frisbee sessions last Friday! A huge thank you goes out to all the children, staff and parents for their sheer hard work, dedication and determination over the past few months.

Skellig Day!

Hooray for Skellig day! What a great last day of term when we made dioramas to represent key scenes in the book inspired by the play we saw at the Nottingham Playhouse.


This term we visited the Nottingham Playhouse to watch a performance of David Almond's award winning book, 'Skellig'. Skellig is a mystery, an adventure, and a heartfelt family story that explores life, poetry and the healing powers of love. Michael, the endearing main character, and his friend Mina discover a strange creature in a garage and together try to help him.


Over the next few weeks, the children will explore these powerful themes and questions as we learn to analyse the text more deeply.


The children were captivated by the performance and loved every minute.

The National Holocaust Centre

Our class along with Sambar, had an amazing, but reflective opportunity to go and visit the National Holocaust Centre.  This fitted in with this term's topic 'Star of Fear, Star of Hope', focusing on the Kindertransport and the Jews during WW2.  The trip gave the children the opportunity to follow the fictional story of Leo, made up of true events by real people who actually used the Kindertransport. This trip enabled them to really understand what it was like during that time and giving them the chance to use their knowledge in their work back at school. The trip finished by watching a video of a survivor, Steven Mendelsson, talking to us about his life during that time. This brought the whole day together, to listen to someone talking about a real life experience. Our pupils made us proud the whole day; the respect and consideration they showed for others was phenominal.


More photos can be found in the Photo Gallery.


To find out more about the National Holocaust Centre, please click HERE.


We have started thinking about Refugees in our new topic "Star of Fear, Star of Hope.” After reading “A story like the wind” by Gill Lewis, we wrote in role as Rami, a refugee cast away on the open sea. We have also been inspired to write by the text "My name is not refugee" by Kate Milner.  Our writing received some great feedback on Twitter. Our followers particularly liked the way we had created atmosphere and emotion. 

Tree Planting With Reindeer Class

We had a great time with the children in Reindeer Class planting British trees and bulbs donated by the Woodland Trust. It was wonderful to see how well they helped and worked with our youngest pupils. There are more photos in the Photo Gallery.

Mythical Beasts
Inspired by all the Greek myths and legends we had read before Christmas, we started back in January by creating some gruesome mythical beasts out of clay. We used a “soft-slab” construction technique which uses slabs of clay that have been freshly rolled out and are still damp. These soft slabs can be formed into lovely, flowing structures that are often reminiscent of leather. We draped the clay over hump moulds to create repeatable forms, which allowed us to concentrate more on finishing the form with surface textures and decorations. These have now been fired and will soon form a magnificent display.

Keeping Safe Online

With more and more of us playing games online, the class recently discussed online grooming and how to spot the signs of it happening. Following the lesson the children in Taruca Class have pledged to ‘play virtual, live real’.

What is Equality?
Jeannie Bain from Just Lincolnshire came to see our Equality assembly last week when we shared our learning with everyone. She was very impressed with our work and our understanding of what equality means for us in our school and local community. The children received lanyards and certificates. Our Equality ambassadors will now be out and about around school helping everyone to keep safe.

Pop Lacrosse

Wow! We were thrilled to welcome Sophie Bartup from England Lacrosse to Belmont for an amazing afternoon of pop lacrosse. We would like to thank Sophie so much for joining us and giving us such fantastic feedback. Now we are ready to play competitively against other schools!

'My Choice' Homework - The Planets

Our 'My Choice' homework inspired by our visit to the Gravity Fields festival is fantastic! You can see a selection below.

Islam Workshop

The children thoroughly enjoyed the recent workshop with Chaila, where they had the opportunity to learn more about the Islamic faith.

The Minotaur

After reading The Ribbajack by Brian Jacques we used our writer's toolboxes and a "jigsaw" technique to describe our Minotaur in detail. By zooming in on different sections of the beast we could really bring it to life.

Gravity Fields Festival
Our recent visit to the Gravity Fields Festival was great fun! We explored the solar system and took a trip to discover what remains of the Apollo missions on the moon, as well as exploring the ice volcanoes on planet Neptune’s moon Triton. It made us wonder at the marvels of the Solar System.

The Sun  

I am so impressed by this incredible writing using inspiration from Peter Reynold’s book The Word Collector and some of Pie Corbett and Talk for Writing’s creative word play ideas.

Our Class Display

One of our first tasks this term has been to create a display to represent our class name, Taruca. The children used a number of techniques to create their images which together make a fabulous display.

"My Choice" Summer Homework

What a great start to the year by everyone in Taruca! As well as some great responses to our summer reading challenge we have had some superb "My Choice" homework brought in. Wonderful treasured memories captured in so many different ways. Thanks everyone ... the journey continues!

2017 - 2018

Just Lincolnshire by Alexia and Iona

Recently, Jeanne Bain came into school to talk to us about "equality" and what it means, in order that we can become equality ambassadors when we are in Year 6. She spoke to us about the 2010 Equality Act which ensures people with protected characteristics are treated fairly. These characteristics include having a disability and needing to use a wheelchair. We discussed what it means to be gay, bisexual and transgender and how it is wrong to bully people - calling someone fat, skinny or a nerd (for wearing glasses) - or judge someone by their accent or colour of their skin.

Holme Pierrepont

What can I say! We had a fabulous day out with everyone having fun on water and the high ropes! I'm so proud of them all for having a go! You can find more photos in the Gallery.


Still image for this video

Belton House

What is Beautiful? At the beginning of term we explored the wonders of the natural world at Belton House. We explored the canopy, calculated the age of the trees and also listened for their heartbeat! We also explored species diversity beneath our feet. Using our quadrants we identified and counted many fascinating species. This data will be great for using in Maths!


Have you ever been still enough to listen? Stared close enough to see? In the rush of modern life, we have and what we discovered amazed us! Who needs a computer game when there is so much outside to explore?


You can find more photos in the Gallery.

Term 5 News

What makes a hero?

Heroes are not always those people you expect! They do not always have superpowers or fly through the sky to rescue others. Malala Yousafzai’s story showed us that determination, bravery and conviction are true heroic qualities. We considered what makes someone heroic. Malala’s story really inspired and made us think.

Malala believed that… "One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world."



We are currently exploring Brazil in Geography. So far, we have explored the biomes found in Brazil and explored rainforest structure. Our fantastic "My Choice" homework based on rainforest organisms, was really impressive.



In Maths we have explored prime numbers using a problem about "Prisoners." We explored the concepts practically before choosing our own ways to record and present our understanding. We then completed the sieve of Eratosthenes to find all the prime numbers to 100. Exploring prime factors proved to be easier than we imagined!

Modern Slavery Workshop

Recently we took part in a special workshop run by the charity, 'Just Enough' where we learned about slavery. Banned in 1833 due to the efforts of William Wilberforce we found out that slavery is still happening in our country and around the world; to 40-45 million people in fact. We discussed how to spot signs of modern day slavery, how to report it and learned how easily it happens. It was a fun interactive way to get across a serious message and the class were inspired by the thought that one person can change the world.


Some comments made afterwards were: "It was amazing!", "I think it is a really good workshop and it is amazing what Phil did.", "It is sad to know there are 45 million slaves.",  "Today was really fun and I would love to learn more. Thank you.", "It was a great experience and excellent workshop thank you. Loved it."

The Lost Words

"Once upon a time, words began to vanish from the language of children…"

"The Lost Words" by Robert Macfarlane and Illustrated by Jackie Morris has been the stimulus for both our writing and art this term. We have explored powerful language choices and the effect made on the reader. We then gathered words and phrases about teasels, to create our own poems in the style of Robert Macfarlane’s.


We then used a range of mixed media techniques to illustrate our work. After sharing our work on twitter we received some amazing feedback!


What Is Faith?

We had a wonderful day at the Cathedral and Faizan E Medina Mosque in Peterborough! We learnt so much about faith and belief in two beautiful buildings. Upon our return the children presented their learning in a style of their choice.

The Bridge Challenge

For Science Week, we were set the challenge of building a bridge out of paper which could hold a weight of 1 kg - and only half an hour to do it! A very tricky task indeed, but with great teamwork we had some fantastic results!

The Human Body

This term we have explored the human body, how it works and how we should take care of it. Our model lungs showed us the different processes involved when we breathe.

Writing A description Of Psammead Using The 4 Keys To Character

This term we have been reading the fantastic book, 'Five children and It' by Edith Nesbit. The children have used the '4 keys to character' to write a description of Psammead, the ancient, ugly and irritable sand fairy. You can read and listen to two fabulous examples below.



Anthea dug in the sand. She was startled and screamed. She felt something disturbing. It was warm and hairy. The sand began to shuffle and squeak.

“You let me alone!” a voice retorted. With that, the sand continued to move before her eyes and finally she saw a figure of an old hunched creature. It coughed and splattered and gagged.

“I believe I must have dropped asleep,” stated the creature.

“What is it?” pleaded the girl.

The creature frowned disapprovingly and scowled.

“Does she always talk nonsense or is it the rubbish on her head that makes her look silly?” bellowed the creature.

By Callum

Psammead by Kyra

Superb Writing

The children have produced some superb writing this term. Evan was inspired to write a description of The Lighthouse from this image: 

The wind breathed deeply. All was still and silent. The cloud guardians released the night. So a golden beam stabbed through the darkness defeating it. Here the lighthouse stood tall over the rocky outcrop below. The storm was brewing: a silent danger approached.


The village lights shone out and upon the dark alleys, streets and corners. Cheers of laughter spoke out. It had been a brilliant day.


The golden beam stabbed through the soul of darkness; a jewel glittering. Higher than a steeple, this lone eye stared over the village and coastline below.


Inside, the lighthouse all was silent save for a calm yet powerful humming. Which began to grow louder second by second. Cogs turned, cams rotated and wooden wheels span, bringing it to life. It was protecting all who sailed closely.


The only light was that from a candle which burned dimly casting shadows from wall to wall. It illuminated only one thing. The lighthouse keeper. He was busy at working: writing in his journal, his jobs for the day. Screeching to a halt, the cogs ceased turning, the whole world was plunged into forbidding darkness.


Everyone certainly had to have a lot of patience to get the mechanisms running smoothly when they made some amazing automata for children in KS1. They all did a great job!

Southwell Workhouse

We had a super day at the Workhouse, with everyone really enjoying getting into character. It was a great experience which enabled us to have a better understanding of what it would have been like to live as a pauper during the Victorian times.


Below you can find great examples of discursive writing where the children have applied all they have learned about life in the Workhouse.


More photos can be found in the Gallery.

Entering the workhouse by McKenzie.

Grantham Buildings

The children have drawn buildings from around Grantham inspired by the work of artist Tom Wriglesworth. They explored the ways Tom used line and colour and then created their own. Not only was everyone at Belmont impressed - Tom saw some of the artwork on Twitter and gave it some fantastic feedback: "Wow, these are stunning! Thank you for sharing them with me! I have some serious competition; well done Year 5."


You can see Tom's Twitter page by clicking here.


This term I have introduced the children to POP lacrosse, a junior version of the game. They are developing their throwing and catching skills with a lacrosse stick. and have played a series of small games. We have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and they have performed well.  This is a new and exciting sport, something the children have never experienced before.

Inspirational Writing!

The children have produced some inspirational writing already this term. Using a photo of a castle's rising steps their focus was then to create a picture in the reader's mind. Here are a few fabulous examples:


Very, very quietly Tom tiptoed onto the magnificent stone stair case. The antique arches glazed down at him like sentinels, making him look small like a tiny fly. Danger was lurking,  wait - he could sense it! Mysterious screams shouted but no one could hear for they were trapped in silent bottles waiting to be released. Spirits were encircling him in the cold creepy air of the castle yet he showed no fear whatsoever. He continued to step forward ...

By Paulina

Very, very slowly Tom crept into the old gloomy castle. Like tall towers of blood the walls stretched over him as he climbed the brick steps. The light, white moon shone beside the creaking dark door. Suddenly he saw something, it was sparkling and glittery. It was a diamond.

By Zak


Very, very quietly McKenzie stepped between the marble arches where eagles stared. They stared at him. Waiting and waiting for his next move. Footsteps tapped to the rhythm of a beat but they were not McKenzie’s. He stepped forward, getting closer to the sound which echoed creepily all around him. A thud rang out, followed by something rolling towards him. It bounced down the stony steps and landed at McKenzie’s feet – it was a head. The face of someone he knew. At that moment the eagles left their perches and flew down.

By Evan

Very, very cautiously Sam ran quickly into the castle. The stone steps stretched upwards through the magnificent archways above. Whilst he shivered, deep dark spirits watched him from the shadowy corners all around. At the entrance before him was a gate. An iron gate; it barred his way so he could not pass. Through the walls, he heard screams, they were quiet at first, then began to get louder. Somehow he must find who was trapped. At he thought this he spotted a door he’d never seen before.

By Sam

The Sentinels by Paulina

My Choice Homework - Queen Victoria

I was really impressed by the standard of work completed for the My Choice homework about Queen Victoria. Everyone was very proud to share their learning with the rest of the class.


In Science Y5 have been exploring the properties of solids, liquids and gases including their molecular structure. We then considered what happens when a balloon explodes. We discussed how the air inside a balloon is put under pressure when it is being blown up, and the molecules in the balloon are stretched. When they cannot stretch any more the balloon tears itself apart. Each piece shrinks, making a noise, if pieces move faster than the speed of sound.


We then placed paper circles from the hole punch inside the balloon. This showed how compressed air inside the balloon expands when it is popped, pushing the paper circles in one direction - similar to an explosion. We then explored what would happen to the displacement of the paper circles if we blew up our balloon different amounts or varied the amount of paper circles inside. We learned to measure the circumference of the balloon and the “blast” diameter.


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