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Impala - Year 3

Welcome to the Impala Page!



A warm welcome to Impala Class. The children have settled into Year 3 fantastically and I have already been impressed with their hard-work, enthusiasm and dedication to their learning!


This term, our topic is World War Two, where the children have already been learning about key events from the war and the countries who were involved. They are working so hard to remember the key historical dates that we have been practising in our class quizzes! Over the next couple of weeks, the focus will shift towards what life was like for children during the war. The children will understand all about evacuation and daily life for WW2 children. We are all so excited for our trip with Year 4 to Stibbington Education Centre for an Evacuee Day! Later on in the term, the children will also have the opportunity to cook and taste some war-time recipes, which will really help them to understand about what life was like during rationing!


This term, the children will also be learning about artist and sculptor Henry Moore.  Additionally, they will study Electricity and Sound in science as well as developing their investigative skills. 


Until the end of this term, PE sessions will take place every Wednesday afternoon. We will be playing football on the field so please could you ensure that your child has their PE kit, along with suitable outdoor shoes! Any children wearing ear-rings should either remove these for PE sessions or cover them with plasters.


I have already been so impressed by the children’s passion for reading. This is such an important skill and it is so fantastic to see the children immersing themselves in lots of different books. Please encourage your child’s love of reading by reading their school book with them at home, or even enjoying a story from home at bedtime! I know some of the children have been enjoying our WW2 topic so much that they have started reading books set during the war, such as ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’. What a fantastic way to extend their topic learning!


Key things to remember in Impala Class:

  • ’Hands-on Maths’ homework will be given out each Monday and will be based on our mental maths focus for the week. Please practise this with your child little and often!
  • Spellings will be given out each Friday and the children will be tested on these the following Friday. Please ensure that children are practising their spellings at home – We want lots of full marks each week!
  • Knowledge Organisers will be given out prior to each learning journey. Please help your child to learn the facts provided so that they can show off their knowledge in our class quizzes! I wonder who our Star WW2 Learner will be this term?


My door is always open for any queries, concerns or anything you wish to discuss so please don’t hesitate to pop in for a chat.


Thank you so much for your continued support towards your child’s learning – Let’s make this year in Impala Class fantastic!


Miss Catriona MacLeod

September 2019


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Violin Performance

The children have worked very hard on their musical skills with Mr Thomson this term and were proud to perform in front of everyone at our recent Music Celebration. What a great job they did!


Still image for this video

Our Mayans Day

We enjoyed a fantastic day of History learning about the Mayans. We had great fun learning about how chocolate was discovered and even got to try out at authentic Mayan hot chocolate recipes!

Later on we learnt how to write our names in Mayan glyphs and partook in our first experience of the Mayan game ‘Pok a Tok’! All in all, it was a fascinating kick-start to our next learning journey!


You can find more photos in the Photo Gallery.

A Celebration Of Our Learning

The children in Impala and Barasingha were very excited to welcome their parents/carers and families to our fabulous learning celebration! Our topic this term is Fairtrade and one of the tasks was to design, promote and sell a healthy breakfast bar. After doing research and taste testing, the children designed their own bars, packaging and posters. They then had great fun filming promotional trailers using iMovie and finally baking their product ready to sell.


It was wonderful to see so many join us in the hall to taste and buy the products and complete the feedback forms. The children really enjoyed sharing their learning and were very proud of what they had achieved.


More photos can be found in the Photo Gallery.

Fruit Mix Breakfast Bar

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Christmas Fun

The end of term was lots of fun! The last day began with our Christingle celebration where two children from the class carefully carried a lit candle into the hall as the choir sang 'Away in a Manger'.  Afterwards, we were so excited when Santa joined us during our party and I was very proud of all of the children when we joined the rest of the school for the Christmas singalong.

Science Circuits

We have really enjoyed our science learning this term. We have been making circuits and were very successful in making the bulb light up!


We are very excited by our music lessons this term as our class has been chosen to have a violin lesson with Mr Thomson each week. The children have been working hard to learn this new skill.

RE Week - Diwali and Hinduism

We began the week by welcoming back Sunita from the Indian Experience. In addition to a wonderful assembly where she retold the story of Rama and Sita to an enthralled audience, Sunita worked with the children in Year 3 and Year 4 to learn more about India, Diwali and Hinduism.


The end of the week focused on the Hindu festival of Holi, and the children in KS2 carefully considered how the Holi celebration makes use of colour and fire to celebrate changes in the seasons.  The children also considered how Holi represented the triumph of good over bad.


During the Holi festival, which next year will be celebrated in March, Hindus use coloured powder to throw at each other to signify the beginning of spring and to say goodbye to the darkness of winter.  This wonderful celebration was part of developing the children’s wider understanding of living in unity with ourselves and others and gave them a great insight into other people’s lives.


There are more photos in the Photo Gallery.


What a fab day we had!


We started the day by arriving at Nene Valley Train Station in Stibbington, where we were met by two ladies who introduced themselves as the children’s teachers for the day. They led us on to the steam train and took the register (using our new 1940’s names, which were the names of real evacuees from the war who were evacuated from London to Stibbington!) We then walked through the village with our teacher and stopped at different houses which were used as real evacuation houses during the war.


After that, we were taken to Stibbington Education Centre, where we took part in 1940’s-style school lessons. We created our own ID cards, learnt how to use a gas mask, practised our spellings using authentic pens, ink and blotting paper and enjoyed a break time on the school playground where we played with war-time playground toys!


During our spelling lesson, we were suddenly interrupted by an air raid siren and our teacher swiftly led us out to the school air raid shelter where we waited until the siren stopped. This really helped us to understand what life was like during the air raids in the war! We all thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Stibbington as it helped us to empathise with children who lived during the 1940s and taught us so much historical information! All in all, a fantastic day out for Years 3 and 4!!


You can find more photos in the Photo Gallery.

Our World War 2 Learning

What a great term it has been for both Barasingha and Impala! The children have worked with such enthusiasm and have wowed us with their ever-growing knowledge of WW2. The topic has been one that has captured their minds and imaginations. The children have been bringing in artefacts and photographs from their own family history, as well as some truly amazing homework projects.

It was wonderful to welcome Jack and Hevenle-Babi’s Great Grandad and Eliyana’s mum into school to talk to the children. The children loved listening to Ken talk about his childhood during the war and how he was evacuated from London. It really brought the topic to life and the children were brimming with yet more questions about the past - fantastic. Eliyana’s mum talked about what life was like for her grandmother growing up in Germany during WW2. A big thank you to our visitors for further enriching our curriculum.

Blitz Artwork
Here are some of our beautiful Blitz art work pieces! This term we have been learning all about WW2, particularly focusing on what life was like during the Blitz. We enjoyed creating our own Blitz art pieces, blending watercolours for the background and creating silhouettes of London buildings using black sugar paper. The children worked so hard at cutting out their intricate silhouettes!

Harvest Festival

Thank you so much to all who joined us for our Harvest Festival celebration - it was wonderful that so many of you were able to come. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! The children in Year 3 and Year 4 worked so hard to learn their lines and songs and what a great performance they did. 


We would also like to thank everyone who made a donation to the Grantham Foodbank which will be gratefully received.

Powerful Poetry!

The children have made an impressive start to the year with their tremendous poetry writing. We used the poem, 'The Magic of the Brain' by Jenny Joseph which focuses on all five senses, to gather powerful language. The children then used this to write their own poems on the theme of the Blitz which is part of our history topic this term. You can hear a superb example below.

The Blitz

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