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Dear Parents/Carers,


Hello and welcome back to school. We hope you all had a lovely break and your children are refreshed and ready for the new term! Our topic for the next few weeks is ‘Traditional Tales’ - please see our Curriculum page for more information about the learning we will be covering. On that page you will also find our first Knowledge Organiser for our topic work. Knowledge Organisers are being introduced in each class in school, and are the ‘go-to’ documents outlining the essential knowledge that the teachers will be covering across a unit of work; including dates, key personnel, vocabulary, definitions, and other contextual or technical information. These Knowledge Organisers will be shared with pupils, parents and carers – with the aim that everyone knows exactly what is being taught, and what the children need to learn. We hope you find them useful.


PE will still take place on a Monday morning. Please ensure that all items of your child’s school uniform and PE kit are clearly labelled with their name. As the weather becomes warmer, we will do PE outdoors so please can you include plimsolls or trainers with their kits. Also, within our physical development learning we will focus on what is needed to remain healthy, particularly – exercise, sleep and hygiene.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to come and have a chat with myself or a member of the Foundation Stage team – our door is always open!



Dani Pallier and the EYFS team


May 2019


Tapestry Online Learning Journal


You are able to access your child's Tapestry online learning journal by clicking on the image above. For further login details please click here.

2018 - 2019

Sacrewell Farm

Everyone had an exciting trip to Sacrewell Farm, it was a lovely day and we enjoyed feeding and handling the animals and learnt a lot about them. Thank you to parents/grandparents that came along to help us on this visit.


More photos can be found in the Gallery.

Learning About Eggs!

We have enjoyed our learning this term all about eggs! We have learnt about growing, changing life cycles, animals that hatch eggs and have had the chance to watch caterpillars store energy and transform into chrysalids. They aren’t quite ready to emerge as butterflies just yet but we will be keeping an eye on them over half term and will report back to our young scientists.

Story Mapping

We are really enjoying developing our literacy work by retelling traditional tales. The children have invented their own versions of Three Billy Goats Gruff, using the setting of our topic this term, the Antarctic, and drawn some wonderful story maps.


We’re really enjoying our topic on the Antarctic and learning about penguins! As you can see, the children have produced information sheets as well as making and using their own printing blocks to create some super art work.

Tree Planting With Taruca

We had a great time with the children in Taruca Class planting British trees and bulbs donated by the Woodland Trust. It was wonderful to see how well our senior class worked with our youngest. There are more photos in the Gallery.

Strange Footprints Found In The Classroom!

We were very surprised to find huge white footprints on the classroom carpet when we came into school! Who did they belong to? What did our secret visitor look like? Could we find whoever it was? The children measured the footprints to see how big they were and found lots of clues to make a map of where the visitor had been. After much thought we decided it might be a Troll! What an exciting day!

Singing At Christmas

Following the Christmas parties held on the last day of term, the whole school gathered in the Hall for a Christmas sing-a-long! I was very proud of everyone in the class as they performed their Christmas song!

Picture 1

Story Maps

We have been learning how to draw story maps to create our own stories. You can see a super example below.

Picture 1


The children in Reindeer Class took part in our Remembrance Service in November. They made poppies which were placed on the school railings and listened very carefully throughout the service.

Autumn Day

We loved taking part in our Autumn Day this term. We learned about the signs of Autumn and about what different animals like hedgehogs do in the Autumn. We all wore Autumn colours and enjoyed getting creative. In the afternoon we planted lots of bulbs ready for Spring.

Face Collages

The children needed to use a number of skills to make these great face collages.

Our Family

We have collected words to describe our families and have painted some super portraits!

Picture 1

Our Class Display

The children are settling well into their first term at Belmont and one of our first tasks has been to create a display to represent our class name, Reindeer. 

Picture 1


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