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Elk 2022 - 2023

Sports Day!

The children had great fun on Sports Day! 

Sherwood Pines

We had a fabulous time at Sherwood Pines at the beginning of the summer term. Along with Reindeer and Elk classes, we were very excited to be able to do our learning outside in the woods. We took part in lots of activities including the fantastic Gruffalo Orienteering Course and the adventure playground. Afterwards, we wrote a letter of thanks to the Sherwood Pines ranger who looked after us on our visit.

The King's Coronation Picnic

We had a lovely afternoon celebrating the coronation of King Charles III! It was wonderful that so many parents and carers could come along and have a picnic with us whilst being entertained by some terrific singing and dancing. We were so proud as the class sang 'What Makes You Beautiful' by One Direction! They worked so hard learning the song and put on a wonderful performance. At the end of the day each child was given a commemorative medal that we hope they'll treasure for years to come.

Super Sewing Skills!

We're very proud of our puppets!


In geography we have been learning about recycling. We decided to make animals out of recycled materials to highlight the damage that human litter can have on the animal kingdom.

Super Science

The children have really enjoyed being able to use the Wildlife area for some of our lessons during the Spring Term. We have also been designing and making our own mini shelters and finding out which materials would be the best to use. 

The Titanic

During the Spring term we have been learning about the Titanic. We have found this topic really fascinating and found out lots of interesting facts that might have led up to its sinking. The children have also produced some wonderful paintings.

Learning About Mass

We really enjoyed using the balance scales to compare the mass of objects in the classroom!

RE Week

We were very fortunate to be invited to visit the Newark Parish Church during RE week. We had a wonderful time exploring, and learning about the Church. I was very impressed by the super listening and questioning skills of the children which helped us when we returned to school to talk and develop our understanding of Christianity.

Pizza Express

We had a fantastic time when we visited Pizza Express in Newark where we were able to make our own pizzas!  Afterwards we evaluated what toppings we liked and we will go on to design and make our own pizza in school.  It will be a great way to develop our spreading, grating and chopping skills. We can't wait!

A Great Term!

Elk class have made a fantastic start to Year 2! We have been learning all about Quentin Blake in our Art lessons and designed our own characters which looked fantastic! We have also been doing some Geography and did our own traffic survey outside on the playground. We could not believe how much traffic we saw!


We loved having Kane in from Inspire+ for our PE lessons. We did lots of team building activities and received lots of certificates for our great work! 

Did Children In The Recent Past Have More Fun Than Us?

For our first topic work this year, we have been thinking about the types of toys we play with today and finding out about the toys our parents and grandparents used to play with before we were born. We wondered whether they would be the same types of toys, would they be made of the same materials? As you can see, we had great fun finding out about old fashioned toys!