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Elk 2021 - 2022

Angel Express

The children were so excited to perform in front of their families at the end of term. With children from Reindeer and Fallow, they took part in 3 fantastic performances of  'Angel Express'. I was so proud of the way they worked together, singing and dancing and having fun. 

A Fun Time Drumming!

We were given the wonderful opportunity to take part in music lessons delivered by Lincolnshire Music Service this term. The children have made excellent progress in their drumming skills and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions!

A Fantastic Start To Year 2!
The children have loved their history learning journey 'The Great Fire of London’ where they have remembered so much of the key information and used this to help them reflect on the thoughts and feelings of people who experienced it. The children have produced some fantastic chalk drawings of the timber framed Tudor houses to support their understanding of how these houses were made and how this contributed to the fire spreading. We have also had lots of fun learning how to join cardboard in different ways to create our model houses too.

The topic wouldn’t be complete without a visit from the fire fighters and fire engine. The children explored the equipment available to firefighters today and compared that to what was available in 1666. It was also a fabulous opportunity to talk about keeping ourselves safe around fire, reminders about testing smoke alarms and making an escape plan just in case. A big thank you to the Grantham firefighters for giving up their time.