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Water Bottles & Breaktime Snacks


We encourage children to bring a re-usable plastic water bottle. It may contain diluted sugar-free juice if children prefer it to plain water. Bottles may be refilled with plain water during the day and should be taken home for cleaning.


Drinking water improves memory and attention, helps children maintain a healthy weight, reduces the risk for some chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease, and helps prevent dental cavities if fluoridated.


Bottles of Prime, other energy drinks and fizzy drinks are not permitted. We ask that Prime bottles are not re-used as water bottles.



Children are permitted to bring a healthy snack for morning break. Fruit and vegetables are always the best choice rather than snacks that are sugary or salty such as chocolate or crisps. 


There is a Key Stage 2 Healthy Snack Bar every morning break in the hall with snacks from 15p to 40p.