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Sambar 2022 - 2023

A Walk To Bellmount Tower

We were very lucky in Year 5 at the end of term to work with Aaron from the Woodland Trust to go on a walk up to Bellmount Tower. This included tree spotting on the way using an identifying help sheet, den building, a picnic at the tower followed by going up the tower with some history learning. The children were exquisite all day, being resilient on the long walk and taking part in the activities with enthusiasm!

3D Printing

The class was fascinated when we were able to see how 3D printing is created with Mr Wilson. The children were all very enthusiastic about the learning and showed fantastic listening and memory skills. We had a class quiz to win the design that was created.

Sports Day!

The children had great fun on Sports Day. I was very proud of how they supported the younger children in KS1 during the morning event.

Reading With Reindeer Class

During the summer term, one of our favourite times of the week has been when we have shared our love of books and reading with the youngest children in the school.


I was very impressed by the children who took part in Bikeability with Outspoken Training. The children were incredibly focused as they learnt and practised the vital skills needed to be safe cycling on the public roads.

The King's Coronation Picnic

We had a lovely afternoon celebrating the coronation of King Charles III! It was wonderful that so many parents and carers could come along and have a picnic with us whilst being entertained by some terrific singing and dancing. We spent some time during the week learning about the monarchy and were very proud to lead the afternoon by presenting each class and sharing some of the information we had found. The children read beautifully. For our performance, we sang a great medley of songs: 'Wonderwall' by Oasis, 'Wannabe' by the Spice Girls and '5.6,7,8' by Steps. At the end of the day each child was given a commemorative medal that I hope they'll treasure for years to come.

International Days Of Circus & Dance

We had such fun on the first two Thursdays of the summer term when we celebrated the International Days of Circus and then Dance. The children listened very carefully to Inspire+ coach Dan and we had a great time learning new skills. It was fantastic to see so many parents and carers come along to share in the fun!

World Book Day!

We had a great time on World Book Day - what super costumes! As well as doing book-themed activities during the day, we had a special assembly with Charlotte, the Library Lead from Grantham Library, who shared with us all of the exciting activities available at the library. She also explained how to borrow books for free - we hope to see many of our children join!

RAF Youth STEM Workshop

Our class, along with Taruca, took part in the RAF Youth STEM program during the spring term - the glider challenge workshop. This gave the children the opportunity to think like engineers to try and create a glider that could travel as far as possible. The children had to draw 3 designs and then make the 3 designs following their plan as closely as possible. The children then had the opportunity to test and measure their glider to see how far it could travel, the furthest in the class was 7.5m! They finished the session reviewing their designs and were able to think about why one design went further than another or reasons why some were more successful than others. The children were enthusiastic throughout the whole session and really enjoyed taking part.

Surrealism - Tina Spiro

In Art we have been studying surrealism, in particular the work of painter and climate change activist, Tina Spiro. We have considered how people use art to communicate their opinions and push for change. The children have produced some wonderful work.

The Natural History Museum & Houses of Parliament Trip

We had a truly fantastic time when we visited the The Natural History Museum and Houses of Parliament in London with Taruca Class. After a wonderful tour of the museum, the visit to the Houses of Parliament included watching two live debates, one in the House of Commons and one in the House of Lords! Afterwards, we took part in a workshop all about Parliament and campaigning. We even voted for their own leaders! An unforgettable day! 


We had a great time when we tried and tasted Mexican food and some ingredients and then made our own Tzatziki dip! We have also cooked some Greek chicken gyros. The children decided on their own flavours, what vegetable to include and which seasonings. They then had the option to add Halloumi if they wanted.

A Special Christmas Song!

We had a fantastic Autumn term and even better end with lots of Christmas fun. Below you can see a special Christmas song!

Merry Christmas from everyone in Sambar Class!

Still image for this video


We had a space-tastic time when we were visited by the StarLincs mobile planetarium, an inflatable dome that allowed us to learn more about the solar system! We found out about the manned missions to the moon and planned our own mission to Mars!

Super Writing!

The children are developing some super writing skills!  Using the structure of The Canal that we learnt through story telling and our reading of The Nowhere Emporium, they have written some amazing imitations of a warning tale. You can hear two wonderful examples below.

The Chance Of A Lifetime

The Disaster Door

World Cup Penalty Shootout!

We had a great time taking part in the World Cup Penalty Shootout with Premier Sports! We represented Brazil, Portugal, Argentina and our class winner was England! The enthusiasm, team spirit and encouragement the children showed each other was brilliant and all showed the main focus, resilience!

Using Numicon

Learning about number can be challenging so to aid understanding, at Belmont we use Numicon which is a multisensory way of learning, meaning children learn by seeing, feeling and doing. Numicon are a system of flat, plastic shapes with holes in them. Each shape represents a number from one to 10 and each number has its own colour. When they're arranged in order, children can easily see connections between numbers. In class, we have been using them to help round numbers to the nearest 10 and 100.

The Kraken

We have made a wonderful start to the year in English! We have been studying 'The Kraken' by Alfred Lord Tennyson and the children have developed a great understanding of the poem. They used an image of the Kraken and an OSIE grid which helped them use powerful descriptive language when creating their own versions of the poem. You can read a super example below.