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What People Say About Us

We are very proud to share with you comments made by parents and visitors to the school as well as from educators, authors and artists with whom we have shared our children's learning. 


Ofsted, February 2019

 Some comments from our most recent Ofsted report:

* Leaders have established a culture of high aspirations.

* Pupils receive a broad, rich and engaging curriculum. 

* Pupils develop high levels of tolerance, empathy and respect for others.

* Staff prioritise pupils' safety and well-being.

* Many parents value the inclusivity of the school and the contributions staff and pupils

make to the wider community. As one parent said, 'This school is my family.'

(Please click HERE to read the full report)


Councillor Elvis Stooke ~

"Well done to the young pupils of Belmont Community Primary School for helping plant a thousand native bluebells. I'd like to send out my sincere congratulations and thank you to all the pupils of the Belmont Primary School."

South Kesteven District Council ~

"How fantastic to see their community spirit."

(Facebook Alma Park, Harrowby & Londonthorpe Community Page)


Parent of Year 6 Pupil ~

"You must all be praised and acknowledged for the exceptional level of teaching, care, support, encouragement, kindness, love and respect you have given to our daughter each and every day."


Parent of Year 6 Pupil ~

"You and your staff have always encouraged our daughter to be the best that she can be, whilst recognising the important values of friendship, courtesy and doing the right thing. I have always thought of Belmont as a school that wants to develop children into better people as well as educational learning and encouraging parents to get involved in a true community effort."


Pie Corbett, Poet, Storyteller & Teacher - Talk for Writing, Teaching Live ~

"Wonderful to see such fine creative work - when I see this it makes me think that the subject of ENGLISH is being taught really effectively. 

Great work - well done everyone." 


Vashti Hardy, Children's Author, Blue Peter Book Awards Winner 

for 'Wildspark' ~

“I absolutely love seeing all the creative work. It’s such a privilege. And you all inspire me to keep writing stories.”


Sarah Outen MBE, Round The World Adventurer ~

"At your school, I sense there is a lot of friendship and support for each other. There’s great thinking and sharing of ideas.

Well done!"  


SF Said, Children's Author, Nestlé Smarties Book Prizewinner for Children's Literature - 'Varjak Paw' ~

"I think this piece about the Water Dragon is SENSATIONAL! I love all the descriptions of the colours especially."


Jackie Morris, Artist, CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal Winner for

'Lost Words' ~

“How very brilliant. I love the art, but also the way the words fit around. Words and images united. Wonderful work.”  



Jonathan Broome-Edwards, High Jump WPA World Champion ~

"Belmont is way ahead of the game with their Inspire+ Legacy Challenge. What a fantastic board created by their students.

Keep up the good work everyone!"  



Gill Lewis, Children's Author - 'Sky Hawk' ~

"A great bunch of pupils and very enthusiastic book-tastic teachers!"



Inspire+ Sports Charity ~

"Fantastic to see how your school have taken our Legacy Challenge resource, embedded it in the school and made such an impact."



Tom Wriglesworth, Artist ~

"What fantastic artists! Seriously impressed by these masterpieces!"





Sophie Bartup, Lacrosse England ~

"It was fantastic to visit your school, such a great class

with a love for lacrosse." 



Peter Bunzl, Children's Author - 'Cogheart' ~
“Amazing, cogtastic work! Merry Christmas Taruca Class.”