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Impala 2021 - 2022


Following our electricity learning in science, we have investigated, designed, made and evaluated torches for our DT learning journey. We loved it and our torches actually worked! Please enjoy having a look at our results.


We had a fabulous day when we went on our first trip in Impala Class! For the trip, the children were allowed to wear 1940's style clothes and bring along a teddy as well as the gas mask holder they had made at school. They were also given new names for the day - the names of real evacuees from the war who were evacuated from London to Stibbington. Upon arriving at the Nene Valley Train Station in Stibbington, we were met by our teacher for the day who led us to the steam train and took the register using our new 1940’s names. We then walked through the village and stopped at different houses which were used as real evacuation houses during the war.


Next, we were taken to Stibbington Education Centre, where the children took part in 1940’s-style school lessons. We created our own ID cards, practised our spellings using authentic pens, ink and blotting paper and enjoyed a break time on the school playground where the children had great fun playing with war-time playground toys!


During our spelling lesson, we were suddenly interrupted by an air raid siren and our teacher swiftly led us out to the school air raid shelter where we waited until the siren stopped. This really helped the children understand and empathise with what life was like during the war. All in all, a fantastic day out!

The Indian Experience With Sunita

Impala and Barasingha classes have had an amazing Indian experience with Sunita. We learnt about India, and the Hindu festivals of Diwali and Holi. Sunita taught us about some of her Hindu beliefs. Also we thought about some similarities and differences between England and India, as well as breaking some stereotypes!
We loved learning some Indian dances and creating Rangoli patterns too! It was a fantastic day!

Data Loggers

Extending our learning on sound, the children worked really well together to use data loggers to record sound levels in various parts of the school.

Investigating Sound

The children have loved their first science topic of the year - investigating sound. We began by thinking about what we knew already about sound and then found out how the ear works and how the ear and nose are connected. The children went on to draw some fantastic diagrams as well as experiment with different sorts of sounds.