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Is My Child Well Enough For School?

Coronavirus Symptoms

Please click on the page link below for further information.

Advice On Childhood Illnesses



Please click on the guidance sheet on the left, issued on behalf of the Healthier Together Campaign (a joint initiative between the NHS and Public Health). It has lots of useful information, and links to NHS website pages for further information and guidance on when to go to school or the doctors.


You can also download a copy of the leaflet by clicking on the link below.



NHS Advice App

As we head into winter and urgent care is at a higher demand, the NHS have asked us to circulate the this poster (click HERE to download).


By working with you they can:

  • Support you to make an informed choice regarding healthcare advice and services
  • Share information on the importance of reducing the spread of illnesses and infections:
    • Facilitating access to high quality health advice, and treatment, as quickly as possible – to support best possible outcomes
    • Reducing attendances to A&E departments which could be supported elsewhere
    • Reducing the overall costs of providing urgent care services to our local population to enable NHS funding to support alternative health services