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Fallow 2022 - 2023

‘Life Education’ Visit - Healthy Bodies

We all loved seeing Harold the Giraffe and learning how to keep our bodies and minds healthy when Jenny from ‘Life Education’ came to see us. During the visit, we learned about the importance of a good diet and why exercise and sleep is good for us. We also learnt how we can look after our bodies by washing, cleaning our teeth and brushing our hair. Harold told us that sometimes he feels sad and we had lots of ideas to cheer him up!  

RE Week

We were very fortunate to be invited to visit St Wulfram's Church during RE week. We had a wonderful time exploring, and learning about the Church. I was very impressed by the super listening and questioning skills of the children which helped us when we returned to school to talk and develop our understanding Christianity.

Yummy Pizza!

We had a fantastic time when we visited Pizza Express in Grantham where we were able to make our own pizzas!  Afterwards we evaluated what toppings we liked and used that information to design and make our own pizza in school. A great way to develop our spreading, grating and chopping skills. Yum!

Did Children In The Recent Past Have More Fun Than Us?

For our first topic work this year, we have been thinking about the types of toys we play with today and finding out about the toys our parents and grandparents used to play with before we were born. We wondered whether they would be the same types of toys, would they be made of the same materials? To begin, one of the first tasks was to compare different modern toys in our classroom and sort them using different criteria.