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Sambar 2023 - 2024

Hedgerow Planting

A group of children from Sambar Class were invited to walk down to Londonthorpe Woods to plant hawthorn trees as part of a special project between the National Trust and the Woodland Trust.


It is hoped the trees will become a hedgerow barrier to protect wildlife and form a habitat along Five Gates Lane. It was a wonderful experience for the children who can't wait to see their trees establish and grow. We posted the trip on X (Twitter) and were thrilled to receive a response from both trusts!

RAF STEM Challenge

We had the opportunity to work with the RAF and STEM project in a live lesson based all around designing and building rockets during the Autumn term. This linked closely to our Science Space learning and the children worked brilliantly through the project and live lessons. They created and tested their rockets with huge success.

Children In Need Day

Everyone looked fab for Children in Need Day, raising lots of money for the charity. Well done Sambar Class!

Picture News - British Values & Protected Characteristics

We are really enjoying Picture News each week where we have the opportunity to learn about current affairs and British Values.

Corum Life Education Visit

We all loved seeing Harold the Giraffe and learning how to keep our bodies and minds healthy when Jenny and Sarah from Coram Life Education came to Belmont this week. Children took part in a fantastic workshop discussing topics such as healthy diets and understanding what is important to us.


We had a space-tastic time when we were visited by the StarLincs mobile planetarium, an inflatable dome that allowed us to learn more about the solar system! We found out about the manned missions to the moon and then took part in a workshop where in teams, we built a spaceship and created a Mars landscape!

Planting Bluebells!

As you know, everyone at Belmont takes great pride in supporting the wider school community and we were delighted to be invited to support SKDC and the Friends of Queen Elizabeth Park in planting 1,000 English bluebells!


Children from our class worked in small groups in the park and were very efficient with the planting, covering the area quickly due to their great team work. Everyone really enjoyed working together and being able to do something good for our local area.


Our thanks go to Mrs Bowskill, the Friends of Queen Elizabeth Park and SKDC for arranging this event.