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Impala 2022 - 2023

Belton House & Gardens

We had a great day at Belton House with Barasingha Class at the end of term! After walking down from the Lion Gates entrance, we all had a brilliant time with the rain holding off soaking us until our last walk to the Lion Gates for home! Whilst at Belton, we had a treasure hunt and explored the gardens, the orangery and the wider park. We also did some natural art and of course the maze. Our final activity was the adventure playground which the children absolutely loved!

Sports Day!

The children had great fun at their first KS2 Sports Day! 

The King's Coronation Picnic

We had a lovely afternoon celebrating the coronation of King Charles III! It was wonderful that so many parents and carers could come along and have a picnic with us whilst being entertained by some terrific singing and dancing. I was so proud as the class sang `Here Comes The Sun' by The Beatles! The children worked so hard learning the song and put on a wonderful performance. At the end of the day each child was given a commemorative medal that I hope they'll treasure for years to come.

Our Celebration Of Learning

We have been busy cooking this term! We made Mexican dips and invited parents/carers in to taste them at our Celebration of Learning. The children worked so hard and loved having their parents/carers rate their food. Thank you to all who were able to join us!

World Book Day!

We had a great time on World Book Day - what super costumes! As well as doing book-themed activities during the day, we had a special assembly with Charlotte, the Library Lead from Grantham Library, who shared with us all of the exciting activities available at the library. She also explained how to borrow books for free - we hope to see many of our children join!

The Amazon Rainforest

In Geography, our learning journey has been all about the Amazon Rainforest. We have built a model of the Amazon basin, learnt about the layers of a tropical rainforest, researched animals that live in the amazon and of course studied maps to discover where the Amazon and other tropical rainforests are located. To finish this journey we have considered the effects of deforestation and how we could help save the rainforests.

Investigating Forces

In Science, we have been learning about Forces and magnets and have loved investigating questions, such as, which is the strongest magnet? On which surface does a car travel the greatest distance? We really enjoyed using the ramps to measure how far the cars would go!

Shadow Puppets

We have done some terrific science learning in our topic about light and shadows. The children designed a shadow puppet to include different materials that were transparent, translucent and opaque, to create the effect that they wanted. They showed some excellent DT skills too and were very pleased with the results!

Trip To Flag Fen

Despite the torrential rain, we had an amazing ‘stone age survival’ day at Flag Fen! Along with Barasingha Class, we took part in many activities including learning how to make house walls with ‘wattle and daub’. This involved weaving sticks as a base for the walls then mixing clay, cow poo and straw as the plaster! We also experimented with natural materials to paint on rocks. Later, we made clay pots and decorated them using sticks and pine cones. It was good fun throwing spears to be stone age hunters! We also enjoyed investigating stone age and bronze age artefacts as well as exploring a real roundhouse complete with a cosy fire.

Harvest Festival

At the end of term 1, we joined with Barasingha Class to welcome our parents and carers in to school to join us for our harvest assembly. The children did a brilliant job and sang beautifully! They thought about why we celebrate harvest in the autumn and why we support people who are less fortunate than ourselves. We are very thankful for the generous donations of food which we have sent on to the Grantham Foodbank.

Stone Age Stewed Fruit

We thoroughly enjoyed making our own stewed fruit as part of our history learning. A great opportunity to practice our cutting and chopping skills - and it tasted lovely!

Cave Painting!

We had an amazing afternoon learning about the art of cave painting in the Stone Age. We then created our own cave painting in our own ‘cave’ (under the tables!) and shared our stories together! We all had great fun and a brilliant start to the new school year.