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Lunch Time/ School Meals

We provide healthy, hot lunches, cooked on the premises. Each day there is a choice of main, vegetarian or jacket potato with filling. Meals also include seasonal vegetables and a pudding. We are also able to provide packed lunches. Your child's meal should ordered online - please see below for details. 


Alternatively, children may bring a packed lunch in a plastic box or ideally a small cool bag and clearly marked with their name. We encourage all children to eat healthily. Please do not include sweets in your child’s lunch box. Canned or glass bottles are not permitted in school for safety reasons.


If children go home for lunch, they should not return to school earlier than ten minutes before the afternoon session begins. Please use our signing in/out book in the office when you collect/return your child.


Please notify the school in writing if your child has allergies to certain foods or additives.


Ordering Online

All meals provided by the school should be ordered by Parents/Carers online via This includes meals for children who are:

  • Entitled to Universal Free Meals (EYFS/Y1/Y2)
  • Entitled to Free School Meals (all years)
  • Wishing to purchase a meal


Meals are ordered two weeks in advance but you may order meals further ahead if you wish.


Further information on how to order online can be found by clicking HERE. The school office is unable to deal with any orders; if you have any queries regarding the ordering process please contact Chartwells directly (see below).


Chartwells Contact Details


Office Hours: 8.00am – 2.30pm - Monday to Friday (Closed during School Holiday Periods)


Meal Selector Technical Support
Phone01159 245517
Office Hours: 9am – 4.30pm


                 Chartwells at Belmont School was awarded the 5* Hygiene Rating in March 2022.

Universal Free School Meals

All pupils currently in EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 are able to receive a school meal at no cost to parent/carers. Choosing a universal free school meal will help save you up to £450 per year, encourage positive eating habits and helps to improve concentration and performance in the classroom. A school lunch will also provide a varied and balanced diet and provide the right amount of energy to ensure that your child can work better in the afternoons.

Free School Meals

Meals are available to be purchased for children in Key Stage 2. If you think your child might be entitled to free school meals, please see the information on the Lincolnshire County Council's website:


Applications should be made online at 


If you are eligible, we will be notified. Your child will receive free school meals and the school will receive a Pupil Premium - extra funding to support your child's education. Children in receipt of free school meals also qualify for a reduction in costs for educational visits and other chargeable events, so it is always worth enquiring.

If you are not eligible at this time and to avoid requesting this information again, Lincolnshire County Council will store your data securely and it will be checked for eligibility should your circumstances change.


If you are experiencing any difficulties please call in to the school office and we will try to help you.


For details of entitlement and how to apply, please contact the school office or click on the links to Lincolnshire County Council below.