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About Bullying

If you are having problems then you should tell somebody - an adult at home or school or you can contact Childline.

Together, we can make it STOP!

What is bullying?

Bullying involves an imbalance of power.

Someone who bullies uses their power to control,

    hurt or upset someone else on purpose,

a number of times, by using behaviour

which is frightening, upsetting or hurtful. 


Bullying can be:

VERBAL: being teased, name calling,

hand signs and rude comments

EMOTIONAL: hurting your feelings,

leaving you out, bossing you about

PHYSICAL: punching, kicking, spitting,

hitting, pushing, touching you

when you don’t like it

RACIST: calling you racist names

CYBER: through texts, e-mail, facebook

and other networking sites


friend with horrid messages



If you are being bullied:

Do ...

Use eye contact and tell them to go away

Ignore them

Walk away

Act as though you don’t care what they say

or do

Save any evidence such as text messages

or emails

Find out how to block or report someone who is

badly online             

Remember it is NOT your fault.  


Don't ...

Do what they say

Look upset or cry

Reply to any nasty messages

Get angry




Who Can You Tell?

Mum/Dad/Carer at home

 A teacher or adult in school

 A friend

 Any other adult you trust

 Childline - call 0800 1111 or click here.



What the school will do if you tell us you are being bullied.

We will listen to you and take action

We will keep a record of any incidents

We will find a way to make it stop so that you can feel safe and happy in school

What should you do if you see someone else being bullied?

 Don't ignore it

 Tell the bully to stop if it is safe to do so

 Tell an adult or the bullying may keep happening

To Find Out More - Click On The Image For A Video From BBC Newsround