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Pupil Parliament

Our Pupil Parliament is led by three Year 6 pupils who take on the key roles of Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary. These children are our ‘Pupil Leadership Team’ and organise meetings, set the agenda and record minutes. The Pupil Leadership Team meets with a link Governor once a term to feedback and discuss up and coming priorities. This ensures that our Parliament is run by our children for our children. The Belmont Pupil Parliament meets every two weeks and pupils are expected to gather the views of their peers or complete tasks within this time. 


Each long term, children meet as a ministry, or sub-committee, to discuss issues relating to a specific area of school life. The focus for the ministry changes each term and children are elected due to their passion for, or skill in, a particular area. Two ministers attend from each Key Stage 2 class; one is selected by the class teacher and one is elected by the children in the class. These ministers will change three times a year, providing more children with the opportunity to be the voice of their peers. We use online resources from Online learning - Parliament UK Education to help pupils to gain a better understanding of the UK Parliament. This will help them to deepen their understanding of politics and to see the links between our Pupil Parliament and how our country is run.