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Fallow 2021 - 2022

It's Christmas!

The children were so excited to perform in front of their families at the end of term. With children from Reindeer and Elk, they took part in 3 fantastic performances of the 'Angel Express'. I was so proud of the way they worked together, singing and dancing and having fun. The last day of term, they really enjoyed their Christmas party wearing some super hats!

Fabulous Maths!

Our Maths focus for term 2 has been addition and we have been using the part-part whole model and numicon to support our learning. This has helped the children to become more confident in finding number bonds to 10. To challenge ourselves, we played a number bond puzzle game, where we had to make a big triangle by matching up number bonds. It was really tricky but we finished the puzzle. We are so proud of our learning!

Sculptures In The Style Of David Best

We have also been learning all about sculptor David Best who created a sculpture to represent London in 1666. We have become sculptors ourselves and created our own 1666 inspired houses. We have learnt lots of joining techniques, including the l-brace and slot join, to support us in building our sculptures.

A Visit By The Fire Service!

We had a very exciting afternoon when we were visited by the fire service! As part of our Great Fire of London topic, we have been looking at how the fire service has changed between 1666 and now. We discovered that in 1666 they had no fire engines or hoses and only leather buckets and axes. During the visit we were able to discover what equipment they have available now to help them put out fires. The children were so excited to be able to hold the hoses themselves!


We would like to say a huge thank you to the Grantham fire service for coming to see us.

Fire Art & Poetry!

Fire Dances!

The first week of term and we are already working hard! One of our first topics this term is The Great Fire of London and today, we thought carefully about how flames move to create fire dances to support our descriptive ideas for our writing.