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Taruca - Year 6

Welcome To Taruca!

Hello and welcome to Year 6.


We are going to have a fantastic year full of lots of hard work but also many wonderful memories. As a class we will work our way through the challenges that face us in year 6 and we will become brilliant role models for the rest of the school. The children will be encouraged to make mistakes, be reflective and become resilient learners.


We have high expectations of the children’s behaviour, presentation and attitude. They will be expected to work hard and take ownership of their learning. In return the children can expect fun and exciting learning opportunities, real life experiences and a supportive team to help them. To find out about our learning journeys please look at the curriculum section of the website.


I look forward to watching your children grow as they work their way through their final year at primary school. Please do not hesitate to contact me of you have any worries, concerns or queries.


Thank you for your support.


Mrs Emily Blackburn

September 2019


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Perfect Poetry!

Inspired by the poem, 'The Kraken' by Alfred Lord Tennyson, the children wrote their own poems based on our current class book, 'Cogheart'. You can hear a wonderful example below.



What an adventure we had! Our three days at the YHA Losehill Hall in Castleton were certainly busy and full of fun despite the downpours. Map work, fencing, candle making, shelter building and fire making along with our day's walk to Treak Cliff Cavern. A time I'm sure the children will never forget. You can find more photos in the Gallery.


We have really enjoyed exploring the film 'Junk' by Kirk Hendry, which tells the strange story of Jasper O'Leary. It has inspired us to use some wonderful imagery in a diary entry. You read a super example below.

Picture 1
Picture 1

2018 - 2019

Emotional Wellbeing Workshop

We had a great morning with Jane and Cheris from Healthy Minds learning about Emotional Wellbeing. We began by talking about different kinds of emotions and the way our body feels when we are worried about something. We went on to think about things that make us feel happy and people who are important to us. Finally we tried some breathing exercises to help us feel calm.

Egyptian Day

Our Egyptian day with Partake launched our new series of learning journeys based on Ancient Egypt. During the morning, all of the children explored different artefacts, smells and often gory process of mummification and in the afternoon re-enacted an Egyptian Burial service. Everyone is now keen to begin exploring the legacy of Tutankhamun in further detail.

The Day The War Came

Our final piece of work on the topic of refugees was based on the book, 'The Day The War Came' by Nicola Davies. This is a very powerful and thought provoking story about a refugee child and what happens to her when she flees to safety. In pairs, the children used their D&T skills to design and make their own small chairs and we all worked together to make a large chair for our display.

Developing Our Musical Skills

We have used this picture of refugees to help us develop our music skills this term. In groups the children composed music to tell the story and mood, thinking about melody, tempo, rhythm, pitch and duration. The children devised some very thoughtful and effective pieces.


Still image for this video

The National Holocaust Centre

Our class along with Taruca, had an amazing, but reflective opportunity to go and visit the National Holocaust Centre.  This fitted in with this term's topic 'Star of Fear, Star of Hope', focusing on the Kindertransport and the Jews during WW2.  The trip gave the children the opportunity to follow the fictional story of Leo, made up of true events by real people who actually used the Kindertransport. This trip enabled them to really understand what it was like during that time and giving them the chance to use their knowledge in their work back at school. The trip finished by watching a video of a survivor, Steven Mendelsson, talking to us about his life during that time. This brought the whole day together, to listen to someone talking about a real life experience. Our pupils made us proud the whole day; the respect and consideration they showed for others was phenominal.


More photos can be found in the Gallery.


To find out more about the National Holocaust Centre, please click HERE.

The Island

This term we are exploring the topic of refugees through the picture book, 'The Island' written by Armin Greder. It has inspired some very thoughtful discussions on what it means to be an outsider and the children produced some wonderful vocabulary that could be used in their writing. Having read the book, we compared the viewpoints of the Outsider and the Islanders and then re-told the story as a flashback. You can read and hear some super examples below.

The Goat Pen - Opposing Views

Forum Theatre - Being The Outsider

Still image for this video
Using the  characters and setting from the book, The Island, we have been exploring the experience of being an outsider. Pupils took turns to play 'The Outsider' who was locked in the goat pen to jeers from the Islanders and expressed how they felt. As you can see in the video, the class showed great empathic understanding of how the character would feel.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

We have thoroughly enjoyed reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this term. So much so. we devoted a whole day to re-create the factory - with gigantic sweets, golden tickets, chocolate bars and even toadstools! We also produced fabulous news reports which are on display around the school.

Third Space Learning

We are very excited that our class is taking part in Third Space Maths Learning this year. In liaison with the class teacher, each child taking part is provided with personalised teaching which is linked to work taking place in the classroom and involves reasoning and problem solving. Everyone really looks forward to the session each week!


For more information about Third Space Learning, please click here.

Picture 1

The Sound Of Music!

We are really enjoying our music sessions on a Tuesday morning with Mr Crawford from the Lincolnshire Music Service. Our violins and violas are sounding great!

Ancient Greeks

We have been enjoying learning all about the ancient Greeks; story telling the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, making clay pots and learning about what the ancient Greeks did for us. The children have also created some wonderful homework projects linked to our work on the ancient  Greeks including some wonderful sculptures and 3D models.

Islam Workshop

The children thoroughly enjoyed the recent workshop with Chaila, where they had the opportunity to learn more about the Islamic faith.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Gravity Fields Festival

We were very lucky to visit the Gravity Fields Festival where we were involved in the primary discovery sessions. We enjoyed many activities including seeing the museum of the moon in St Wulfram’s Church, having a go in the Anti-Gravity box, going into the Space Dome and exploring the University of Hull’s science fair. The children loved it and found out a lot about science, especially Space, which they will be focusing on next term.

Our Class Display

One of our first tasks this term has been to create a display to represent our class name, Sambar. We used a picture of a Sambar deer with a grid on top to help us sketch pictures onto a blank grid. We were also given a section of the deer to complete using chalk pastels and put them together like a jigsaw to create a class picture we all contributed to. We think it looks great!

Picture 1



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