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Star Achievers Of The Week

Mr Allsopp was delighted to welcome everyone to his favourite assembly of the week this morning. It was wonderful that so many parents and carers of our fabulous Stars were able to join us.


This week, our terrific Stars received certificates for: 

Reindeer Class - impressing us all with his fantastic rocket drawings and name writing too!

Fallow Class - his enthusiasm and throwing skills in PE.

Elk Class - his skills as an observant scientist!

Impala Class - the amazing progress she has made with her handwriting.

Barasingha Class - his fantastic understanding of subtraction in Maths.

Sambar Class - his ability to convert mixed numbers to improper fractions.

Taruca Class - her wonderful science learning about adaptations.


Ruby has been working very hard learning her times tables and today was awarded a bronze badge, a terrific achievement!


Reindeer Class were very excited to learn they were the Attendance winners for the first time with a great 97.7%!


Well done to everyone!



This term, we hope to invite the parents and carers of Star Achievers to join the celebration either by joining us in school or watching via Zoom. The password will be changed weekly.