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Star Achievers Of The Week

Mr Davidson was delighted to welcome us all to our Star Achiever assembly this morning. This week, our Stars received certificates for:

Reindeer Class - his amazing learning about time.

Fallow Class - her ability to represent and compare numbers using tens and ones.

Elk - his deep understanding of Edith Smith and the presentation of his work.

Impala Class -  his use of a model text to write a great explanation.

Barasingha Class - his determination and effort in Maths.

Sambar Class - her excellent effort and attitude and her focus on learning.

Taruca Class - her discursive writing based on Howard Carter which showed clearly balanced arguments both for and  against.


More Times Tables badges were awarded this week - congratulations to Laury-Leigh and Sophie from Impala Class, and Lexie from Barasingha Class!


We were also pleased to congratulate 3 pupils for their sporting success out of school. Teddy from Fallow Class was proud to show us the trophy he has been awarded for football; Ethan from Reindeer Class has been awarded his Level 4 swimming badge and Kate from Elk Class has been awarded her Level 8 badge in gymnastics. She also took part in the Grantham Carnival last weekend as a member of the Beth Cresswell School of Dance, who won 1st place for their float in the parade!


The final announcement of the morning was of course, for attendance. Barasingha were the winners this week with a super 98.7%!


Well done everyone!