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Stars Of The Term

Our Stars of the term exemplify things we aspire to as Team Belmont; they lead by example and have great enthusiasm for learning. Mr Davidson was very proud to award our seven Stars their certificates in this morning's assembly. Certificates were also awarded to children for their effort and progress in Maths, Reading, Writing and Science and also to those with exemplary conduct this term.


This term, our Stars received certificates for:

Reindeer Class - always willing to work hard and try her best. She is a kind friend to everyone 
and a pleasure to be around.

Fallow Class - she has blossomed into an independent learner this year.

Elk Class - the outstanding progress he has made due to his enthusiasm and effort.

Impala Class - his attention to detail, his use of high-level vocabulary and his thirst for learning.

Barasingha - her fantastic attitude to learning and great progress in all areas.

Sambar - her excellent effort and attitude to learning.

Taruca - outstanding effort and personal achievements across all learning.


Class Awards: for outstanding progress and effort this term -


Class Maths Reading Writing Science
Reindeer Hope Yara William Rosie-May
Fallow Jack Teddy Railey Bella
Elk Eloise Faith Alfie Callum
Impala Archie Brooke Justas Dawid
Barasingha Logan Torin Delaney-Jai Tyler-Jay
Sambar Leon Layton Leah Bailey B
Taruca Jack Alexia Ashlin Jonas


Conduct Ambassadors: for exemplary conduct, consistently making the right choices and leading by example this term -


Reindeer Fallow Elk Impala Barasingha Sambar Taruca

 Lunchtime Award by

Mrs Harrison & Midday Team

Leila Owen Layla Hevenle-Babi Lacie Rio Zak Justas, Lolan, Emily P, Brax, Maya, Jennifer, Teddy, Sharnie


More Times Tables badges were also awarded this morning:

Bronze - Mckenzie (Elk)

Silver - Kate (Elk)

Gold - Jacob (Elk)

Platinum - Liam (Barasingha), Mrs Allen


Attendance Winners Of The Week

*** FALLOW ***


Attendance Winners Of The Term

*** SAMBAR ***


Well done to everyone. We hope you all have a lovely Easter holiday!