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Stars Of The Term

Mr Davidson was delighted to welcome everyone to our Star of the Term assembly this morning. We are near the end of a very busy year that has had many challenges and we are simply inspired by the way children across the school have worked so hard with a determination to learn and succeed. Our wonderful Stars, celebrated today, exemplify all the qualities of Team Belmont. They have shown great commitment and enthusiasm and are truly great role models! 


In our fabulous celebration of learning today, our Stars received certificates for:


Reindeer Class - her incredible hard work and effort.

Fallow Class - his great attitude to learning. He has grown in confidence this term and has made fantastic progress.

Elk Class - his constant dedication to his learning in all areas of the curriculum.

Impala Class - being an amazing role model for the whole class. She has made excellent progress

and is a lovely friend to everyone.

Barasingha Class - her determination to improve and her ever growing confidence.

Sambar Class - her hard work, dedication and enthusiasm in all areas of school life.

Taruca Class - working incredibly hard this year. He has made brilliant progress in all areas and has also been a wonderful role model as an Inspire+ Sports Ambassador.

Today, we also celebrated children in each class who have made outstanding progress and effort in Maths, Reading, Writing and Science this term. We also congratulated the children who were awarded certificates for their exemplary conduct in school.


Class Awards

 For outstanding progress and effort.

Class Reading Writing Maths Science
Reindeer Emily Ella Holly Eliza
Fallow Katie Amelia Ted Ronnie
Elk Bianca Poppy Maddison Nella
Impala Jack Rosie-Mae Tenisha Logan
Barasingha Kaiden Jennifer Sienna Brodie
Sambar Isabel McKenzie Maksym Harvey
Taruca Casey Bella Alicia Caiden


Conduct Ambassadors

In recognition of consistently making the right choices, leading by example and helping to create

 an environment where everyone can learn and be successful.

Reindeer Bea
Fallow Simon
Elk Tom
Impala Jessica
Barasingha Ben
Sambar Eloise
Taruca Reuben



Outstanding Attendance


Excellent Attendance

99% and above

Ruby (Reindeer)

Josephine (Elk)

Isla S (Impala)

Emily (Reindeer)

Eva (Fallow)

Yara (Impala)

Lexi (Barasingha)

Kate (Sambar)

Lauren (Taruca)


Class Attendance Of The Term

Sambar Class


Kindness Champion

Charlie (Sambar)


Wilson Cup

For Outstanding Achievement And Progress
Bailey (Sambar)


Well done everyone!